Author - Anthony Konarski

Manchester Sharks General Meeting – October 19th

As announced last night Manchester Sharks will be having a general meeting on Friday 19th October 8-9pm at the LGBT Foundation to discuss fee rises.

The two options are as follows:

  1. Mondays £5, Thursdays £6, Standing Orders £18 (1 session) or £24 (both sessions)
  2. Membership at £24 per month for everybody

There will be a half price discount for sharks whose income is less than £17k pa (£8.75 per hour) on all options.

The rises are reflective of the increase in the cost of running the club. There is an information presentation we’ve attached.

All Sharks who are current members of the club will be able to vote on their preferred option at the general meeting.

To discuss or for more information please message myself, or speak to any of the following; Anthony, Declan, Sylvia, Darren, Robert, Gareth or Darcy.

Thanks and see you all at training on Monday (9-10pm at the MAC)

Manchester Sharks Committee